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Feb 22 2008

Gandhi, Mead, Ben, Jerry…

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Just a few days ago I published this quote by the great Indian Leader and pacifist Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you want to see in the world Today (again by chance?) I stumble into this video on the same issue, titled “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” Unfortunately the video likeso […]

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Feb 21 2008

still: “a wonderful world”

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If this two guys are still convinced, there must be some truth about it: It still is a wonderful world. Until I just discovered this video on youtube I was not aware that Shane McGowan and Nick Cave ever performed together. Here they celebrate the old Louis Armstrong Classic in a unique way. I do […]

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Feb 18 2008

Gandhi quote

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Be the change you want to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi

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Feb 17 2008

…to the end of love…

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Here are my two favorite lovesongs in one entry. Marianne Faithful is first with “Crazy Love“. I could not find a suitable video on youtube so here is the audio: Crazy Love Hated by all and everywhere he goes Blazing contempt for human life and lies Murder as art and what he knows he knows […]

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Feb 16 2008

Marianne Faithfull: Times Square

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I already mentioned that beside Leonard Cohen from the male perspective it is Marianne Faithfull whom I trust most to phrase human encounters of love (and hate of course). Let me introduce Marianne with a song that at least at first view has nothing to do with this topic: “Times Square“. In her introduction she […]

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Feb 12 2008

…dass überhaupt nichts hilft…

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Nach Me-ti von Bertolt Brecht habe ich ein weiteres mich damals sehr berührendes Buch erneut zu lesen begonnen : “Fabian” von Erich Kästner. Eigentlich erinnerte ich von “Fabian” nur noch den Schluss. Moralist Fabian springt einem ertrinkenden Jungen hinterher: “ Der kleine Junge schwamm heulend ans Ufer. Fabian ertrank. Er konnte nicht schwimmen.” Das Buch […]

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